2015 IBJJF Boston Summer Open

Back to Boston for another shot at the gold in the IBJJF Boston Summer Open. Competed in the Medium Heavy weight adult purple division as usual. My first match wasn’t too exciting, I won by two advantages. I pulled guard right off the bat and tried working my bottom game but was not able to sweep my opponent, about 3 minutes in I almost swept him and gained an advantage.Then at about 4 minutes in I gained an advantage for an arm bar attempt, and the rest of the match went pretty much him trying to pass my guard. For my second match I got to face the guy who beat me in the first round of the NY Summer No Gi open and I was excited for my rematch. I did the same thing as the match before pulled guard right away, I played dela riva for a bit then got my opponent to my closed guard. I kept trying to set up my bravo choke grip to use it as a lever to break his posture. At the 3 minute mark we ended up out of bounds and had to re tie our belts on the reset and my opponent took extra long and got penalized for it. I proceeded to my game once again by pulling guard, at about 4 minutes in I was able to catch him in a closed guard arm bar! I was fired up and pumped for my win and performance, I won my rematch just how I wanted to. My finals match did not go so well. Right off the bat I pulled and he also pulled, I went right into 50/50 guard and attempted an ankle lock. I was on his foot trying to finish with all my might for about 4 minutes and basically I gassed, my opponent was able to escape the 50/50 guard and pass,the match was basically me recovering guard and him passing again stacking points he did this twice then he scored points for mount as well at the end. Not how I wanted my finals match to go, but it was my fault for giving everything into the submission instead of letting go and continuing the match by trying to sweep and pass. Overall I was happy with my performance and glad I left another tourney without injuries. I was so gassed that I did not even sign up for absolute I went straight home after getting my silver medal. I left it all on the mat and another lesson was learned and more experienced was gained.

Check Out my Semi Finals match below:


My name is Vinicius Canabarro, I’m 23 years old and have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 5 years. I’m a purple belt under Tim Burrill in Providence, Rhode Island. Jiu jitsu is my passion. My ultimate goal is to become a world champion at black belt level .

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