2015 NAGA NorthEast

Competed at Naga Northeast this past weekend here in Providence RI! I love competing close to home and this venue is 8 minutes from my house. I did both the no gi and gi divisions. For no gi I competed expert 180-189.9 lbs, and for gi I did purple belt at the same weight. My no gi matches went pretty fast. I won my first one by knee bar at 20 seconds in! My second one I won by knee bar also at about 1:40 into the match. By the time I did my gi division it was about 9 pm! Naga never disappoints on being late and being the most unorganized event there is to this day. I won my first gi match with about 40 seconds via straight ankle lock aka “Estima Lock.” My second match I pulled guard and attempted a couple foot locks from 50/50 guard then ended up in a scramble which I capitalized on and scored a sweep. I was now in my opponents closed guard and I stood up to break and pass. He tried to sweep me and I recovered by catching myself and putting my hand on the mat, this made my other arm easy to attack since all my weight and focus was on my other arm. He immediately switched to an arm bar which he caught me in and I had to verbally tap. Not in a million years I thought Id lose that match but hey sometimes a small mistake will get you caught and that was the case Saturday. For my 3rd place match I went hard. I attempted many submissions including the key lock and some chokes. I was unable to finish my opponent, but I racked up a 18 x 0 score from sweeping, passing, kneeing on belly and mounting him. Overall I was happy with my performance and now I know what to go work on for the next few weeks! More experience gained and more knowledge Ossss!


My name is Vinicius Canabarro, I’m 23 years old and have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 5 years. I’m a purple belt under Tim Burrill in Providence, Rhode Island. Jiu jitsu is my passion. My ultimate goal is to become a world champion at black belt level .

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