Metamoris Challenger New York 2015

Competed at the Metamoris Challenger this past weekend. The tournament was originally suppose to be in Boston, but I guess from the lack of competitors they had to join the Meta Challenger from NY, Boston and , Washington DC into one. It was held in Brooklyn New York at one of the Renzo Gracie academies. When I arrived there with my friend to compete the place looked like a ghost town. There weren’t too many people on the mat, and if I didn’t see the cameras and the camera man I probably would think this was a small open mat on a Saturday. Anyways the lack of people made it a speedy tournament which I like very much, and since it was sub only I enjoyed it even more. I was in a light heavy weight division (under 194.9 lbs), we were separated in groups. My group consisted of me and three others one guy didn’t show, so it became a round robin. I fought one of the guys first and won via heel hook with about 30 seconds. The video is below check it out !The guy who I beat fought the next guy next and lost with about 3 minutes in by RNC. My second match happened after the lunch break. I went head to head with my next guy, I attempted multiple foot lock attempts. I was in control of the match. I was dictating where the match went and my opponent was more on defense mode. Matches were 10 min long and if it there were no submissions at the end it was considered a tie. By the end of the match me and my opponent were both getting tired, but I did not stop the attacks with about 45 seconds left I entered 50/50 guard and dove for a toe hold and so did my opponent we rolled around trying to break each others foot for about 15 seconds and boom my ankle popped very loud and I verbally tapped. I was disappointed but not mad at myself because even though I lost the match I felt like I fought much harder and just happened to get caught because I was chasing the submission. I could of stalled my guy out and won my group by having the fastest submission, but all I kept thinking was how bad I want to make this guy tap. I gave my all and came up short and I do not regret it. Once Again another lesson learned and more experience gained. We live and learn, every tournament I learn a little and thats what counts because improving is the goal!

I am pumped to be competing at the Metamoris Challenger !! I will be training my hardest for this !!#DreamChaser #Bjj #JiujitsuJourney #JiuJitsu _#akbjj #QobraQlutchQlothing #Q3 #FitneasFactory #TBBJJ #CovBjj @akbjj @qobraqlutch @fitnessfactorymomma @coventrybjj @covbjj Metamoris Challengers are flooding in from all over. Meet Challenger Vin Canabarro, @VCanabarro Team: Tim Burrill BJJ Instructor: Tim Burrill Sponsor: Armor Kimonos @AKBJJ Facebook: Twitter: @vcanabarro Instagram: @vcanabarro Weight: Light Heavy (176-196 lbs.) Challenger City: Providence, RI Why did you sign up for the Challenger? I signed up for the challenger because I simply love to compete against the best around! There’s no other feeling better than competing against the highest level of competition! What do you think will be your most difficult challenge? I look at things in a positive way so to me I like to think that there is no most difficult challenge, and only the challenge itself. What do you think about the Challenger rules? I love the rules, submission only is the true essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! What is your main inspiration for training and competing? My main inspiration for training is my love for Jiu jitsu !!! But for competition it’s the addictive feeling you get once being on the competition mats, its unexplainable – you have to feel it for yourself! It’s the adrenaline plus nerves that make you forget the world for that match’s length that makes me love competition so much and yearn for more! @MetaChallenger #VinCanabarro

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Check out my first match below:


My name is Vinicius Canabarro, I’m 23 years old and have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 5 years. I’m a purple belt under Tim Burrill in Providence, Rhode Island. Jiu jitsu is my passion. My ultimate goal is to become a world champion at black belt level .

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