Tap Cancer out Summer Open

Competed at the Tap Cancer out Summer Open this past weekend. Always a great experience at Tap Cancer out, great to roll for a cause! I signed up for the brown belt medium heavy weight division to challenge myself. I was in a division with two other guys. I fought the first opponent well I controlled him most of the match and was able to finish him from the back with a bow and arrow choke. Then I proceeded to the finals. I pulled guard right away then ended up in the closed guard promptly. My opponent tried to open my guard and pass and I kept trying to sweep him, neither of us were very successful. I felt very confident in my guard and knew he wouldn’t be able to pass and in my mind I was just waiting for him to break so I could pick up the speed and change gears. With one minute left I opened up and pressed harder, and my opponent dropped for a knee bar from top. I then sat up to defend and my opponent was able to adjust and finish it. I wanted to win and had never thought I’d get caught in that match but he caught me off guard. Every tournament is an opportunity for growth, and I take full advantage of it. More knowledge and experienced gained, and also new things to work on such as my knee bar defense.

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Check Out my first match below :

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2015 IBJJF New York Summer No Gi Open

I competed this past weekend at the NY Summer No Gi Open. I did the medium heavy weight adult purple division. Mostly I train gi but for the past month or so I’ve been doing more no gi days to prepare for this tournament and I felt great both mentally and physically. Before stepping on the mats I heard my opponents corner pumping him up and saying things like ”you’ll finish this guy in 30 seconds, he’s got no chance.” They spoke in Portuguese but since I’m from brazil and speak Portuguese fluently I understood everything and this really got under my skin, the fact they didn’t know me and were taking me lightly and talking smack before the match fired me up like never before. I started the match doing what I planned which was pulling guard my opponent tried to ‘blitz’ by my guard or as I like to call it spazz and run around. He scored an advantage for a pass attempt, then I managed to get him in my closed guard. I was being very aggressive and using a lot of hand on face and wedging to the neck to create space because at this point my opponent was hunkered down and plain and simple running the clock on me to beat me with one advantage! This pissed me off even more than the fact his corner thought I’d last 30 seconds, so I proceeded to be aggressive and kept trying to create space and attack. The aggression made my opponent intimidated I could sense he was very hesitant and afraid to start his pass, he literally was just holding me in guard. With one minute left my opponent had 2 stall penalties and that caused me to be tied with him now we both had 1 advantage. Now my opponent was worried we were tied and he stalled the whole math so he knew if we went the distance he’d lose the decision for sure. With thirty seconds left he stood up and opened my guard in my mind I had won the match and there was simply 30 seconds to pass. My opponent dropped for a foot lock and I sat up not defending it so he would not be able to get his advantage, with about 3 seconds left the foot lock was very tight and I made the mistake of grabbing my opponents elbow with my right hand and that cost me the match because the ref gave him the advantage for the foot lock since I technically defended. I was very upset with this loss because I knew I could of won and I knew I did more during the entire match, but this was just another lesson.

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BJJ Tour CT 2015

Competed today at the Bjj Tour CT with my brother! Had an awesome experience, it’s always great to compete side by side to him! I won my division which was me and just one other opponent. I finished him with a straight ankle lock about 3 minutes into the match. I also did the absolute and placed second. I won my first match due to straight ankle as well. My second match I won via Arm bar. And in the finals I got caught in an arm-triangle/darce choke and couldn’t get the double gold, but I was still happy with my performance. Overall I had 4 matches I won 3 by sub and lost in the finals. I did my best today and I left it all there, there’s plenty more coming this year! I can’t wait to step on the competition mats again!

Check out a high light from the tournament below:

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Dragon Lair Challenge

Refereed at the Dragon Lair Challenge this past Saturday in Holliston,, Massachusetts. I was also able to compete in a purple belt medium heavy weight GI division. I won my first match via straight ankle in only about 3 seconds, sounds crazy but I literally touched the guys ankle and he panicked and tapped. My second match was fast also I was able to finish a straight ankle lock with 58 seconds into the match, watch the mini clip of the match below.

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Worlds Jiu Jitsu Championship 2015

I was lucky enough to make it to Ibjjf Worlds for the second time this year thanks to my sponsors Armor Kimonos & Qobra Qlutch Qlothing for helping me by funding my trip. Also big thanks to Fitness Factory and of course Tim Burrill Bjj for getting me ready for the competition ! I flew out to California with my older brother who was competing and 3 of our training partners, which two others were competing also. We rented an apartment from AirBnb for the 5 days we were staying and after splitting it up between us five it was actually much cheaper than a hotel. We stayed in a town called Gardena, it was basically little Tokyo. This town was populated by older Japanese folks, not a bad thing for us since we needed rest till our day to compete.

On our second day there we went to do light training at a small gym called Brentwood Club in L.A.  These guys have been nice enough to host me and my training partners every time I come out to Cali. Big Thanks to Rick Dawson, Danny Trasher and of course Renato Laranja for having us there and helping us loosen up for the big day.


I competed on Friday and so did my training partner Big Curt which is also a purple belt. Walking into the Walter Pyramid for the first time in a year gave me chills and started boiling my nerves right away. After countless bathroom brakes to pee the nerves away I felt better. I went in to the bull pin feeling very confident. I knew I had worked very hard in the past year to be back again in the Pyramid for another shot at the World title. I focused my mind on visualizing what I wanted to do in the match,  as I listened to some music to pump me up. I was very prepared physically and mentally. Went into the match feeling good, I had been working take downs so I decided not to pull guard right away and trade standing for a bit. Well that plan went out the window fast since the guy who I was facing clearly had much better wrestling skills then me. He swiftly scooped up a single leg in the beginning. I pulled guard with him holding my leg out of frustration and not enough wrestling experience. I then tried to work my guard game to hit a sweep and tie things up. This guy had decent pressure and only tried an over and under pass which I am very familiar with and had no trouble defending. I was able to sweep him back towards the middle of the match on a 50/50 sweep and disingage the 50/50  guard and proceed to pass. As I circled to consolidate the pass my opponent grabbed my leg again and here I was tied on points but down by one advantage fighting the dam single again! I managed to get my leg out and defend once again but then he immediately grabbed my leg again and somehow I managed to get out of it again. I was gassing by now since cardio for wrestling is totally different then jiu jitsu cardio, also I was very frustrated since I was fighting my opponents game and could not get to my own game/comfort zone. I think with one minute left  he managed to hit a blast double leg and I fought it for about 30 seconds and he ended up getting me down.  My match ended 4-2 to my opponent, that last take down cost me the match. I was very disappointed in myself, I asked myself how do you work so hard for a whole year and then let it slip away just like that? But now it was too late for dueling, and dueling on the loss would only make it worse and make me hate the rest of my stay in California. After having a conversation with my friend Eliot and some words with my brother and training partners I brightened up. I stopped and realized this was not the end of the world. But this was actually going to be my fuel for 2016 Worlds prep! Losing sucks and I hate it with a passion, but I love Jiu Jitsu so much more ! I know that this loss really will make me better in the future and that as long as I continue to pursue my dream it will come inevitably. Hard work pays off and even though I didn’t win I did much better than the year before, BJJ is a slow progression sport and patience is necessary. Like in life when times get tough you have to be tougher to get through it and thats my approach for this loss.

I want to thank my sponsors Armor Kimonos, Qobra Qlutch Qlothing, and Fitness Factory for always supporting me! Want to give a big Thank you to my coach Tim Burrill and all my teammates who helped me prepare for Worlds! This time I didn’t get it done but trust me when I say this my Time will come ! Very soon my friends! Ossssssssss

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Here’s a video of my match:


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2015 NAGA East Coast Championship

Competed at Naga Providence yesterday took Gold in the Gi and Bronze in No Gi. Had fun competing with my team as always! For the gi division I won my one and only match via points and took first. For the no gi I lost my first match via toe hold with about 1 minute left on the clock. Then I fought for third place and was able to get a heel hook with 30 30 seconds in the match! Not double gold but improving is the goal!

11114766_940688392619016_5630372023079088237_n 11261973_940040246017164_6431641051651886547_n

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Boston Spring Open

Saturday April 18th, 2015 I competed at the IBJJF Boston Spring Open! Only a week after New York Open I got to do it all again and I loved it ! It was exciting due to the fact my team had 12 guys competing, that may not be much but for our team it is since we don’t have many competitors. It’s always more fun with your crew by your side cheering you on and supporting you! My division had an 8 men bracket which meant if I’d want the gold medal I’d need to win 3 matches. I was determined to win those matches. Also my opponent from the past week who beat me on points was back again and he was on the other side of the bracket, which gave me the hope to get my rematch and win it.

In my first match I was a bit nervous but much more focused and confident than the past week in NY. I had been fixing my mistakes from the loss at NY open and felt great physically. I pulled guard on my opponent, de la riva guard to be specific. I worked on keeping the control and trying a few sweeps but could not get any. I then decided to close the guard and work from closed guard. Luckily my opponent made a mistake by leaving his arms extended on my lapels and I capitalized by hitting my favorite submission the arm bar. I was happy to get the first match out of the way fast.

My second match I was even more confident and calm. I immediately pulled guard but unexpectedly my opponent snatched a straight ankle lock and went belly down to get the finish.  I did not expect this at all,  it was very fast and sudden I had little time to defend. I tried my best at opening his knee and using my other leg to split his legs and loosen the lock but he had me and I tapped. Due to the 8 men bracket I still placed 3rd in the Adult medium heavy division. I was not happy with 3rd place, I knew I could do better and I just got caught. I then signed up for absolute to get another shot at the gold.

The absolute would only begin at 5 pm and my division was at 10:40 am, so I had plenty of down time to eat and watch teammates compete and help coach them. By the time absolute came I felt a bit sluggish but was still excited to get back on the mats. My first opponent for absolute did not show and the guy who was getting the by had to end up fighting me instead. He was a heavy weight so I did not want to pull guard on him and maybe get stuck underneath. Right off the bat I set the tempo by moving and pulling on his lapels downward to brake him down. Surprisingly on the first try he dropped to turtle, and I was able to take the back from there. He then managed to scramble out but I then landed in mount. This is where I drained him, by hipping into him and cross facing him really hard. He was really gassed at this point and reached under one of my legs to attempt an escape and I took he chance to capitalize on a triangle choke. He defended but I took the straight arm lock. I was excited to win that first match in the absolute.

My second opponent was a guy who I heard of before but never saw compete and I didn’t want to under estimate him. I went into the match very calm and I was being patient. He pulled lasso guard on me right away. I then tried to pass by undoing the lasso and circling. He managed to get underneath me and we ended up in fifty-fifty guard. I attempted to get out of it to maintain top and pass but I failed at that.  He then stood up and gained the sweep. Lately I’ve been working on my foot locks from this guard so I figured I’d attempt one, and thats what I did right after he swept me. I hit it with everything I had and heard my opponent yell tap! I was stocked ! My first time hitting this in competition after so many countless drills and rolls where I specifically worked on this. I now was in the finals of the adult purple belt absolute and was super excited!

My Third and final opponent was a guy who I had trained with once in the past month or so, we had one roll before and I knew he was really tough. He fights Heavy weight and he isn’t one of the fat heavy weights this guys is in shape and he’s super strong. The match started with some sort of stare down scenario which didn’t bother me I don’t get intimidated. I pulled guard and managed to get to closed guard. I figured closed guard was the best place to put this guy in for me to work and to negate his strength. I was wrong, he immediately picked me up and I tried my best by hanging on but could not get him back down. He opened my guard with force and used the same demeanor to pass with leg drag pass. He then worked from side control on trying to trap my arms and when I’d defend he’d try to pick me up by the back of my gi and attempt a back take but I was aware of that and negated it. I spent quiet a bit under him or at least it felt like it. I was gassing and he was up on points and on an attack frenzy. Meanwhile I’m trying to keep it together, defend his attacks and escape side control at the same time. After a while he trapped my arm with my lapel and threw on a triangle from top. I defended the triangle but he ended up arm barring me. What a bummer the gold was so close but this was not my day. I was happy with my wins and I know what I have to work on from my losses and that’s what I will do! So end of the day I took 3rd in my division and 2nd in the absolute, not bad but not great! I do not want to be average and just place for a medal I want to be the greatest and I will continue to strive and work for it !

Check out some pics from the event + a mini high light video!!

Shout out to Richard Photography for the awesome work!!!!!!


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2015 New York Spring Open

Saturday April 11th, 2015 I competed at the IBJJF New York Spring Open. I signed up for Adult Purple Medium Heavy division again  because I liked how I felt at Pan Ams. Mostly I liked how I can eat whatever I want and I’m still on weight! I was feeling excited to step on the competition mats once again and of course nervous. Physically I was feeling 100%, cardio was good and I felt strong. Mentally I was focused but nervous,  in my first match I’m always nervous because of my adrenaline dump. When the purple belts were called out I warmed up and stretched a bit and put my game face on. One tip for competition I learned from my friend and training partner Radhames Familia Jr. is to have a “Poker” face on at all times at the tournament. Especially if you are nervous , scared or even drained and feeling gassed out. I like to call this “game face”. My first match was against a tough opponent from Poland. I watched a few of this guys matches before hand and kind of knew what to expect from him, and knew he was going to be a tough guy to face off in the first round. The match started off how I expected him pulling guard and trying to attempt the “berimbolo”. Which is basically my opponent trying to knock me down and roll to my back, what an annoying game to deal with !! I ended up getting swept and passed, I then swept back but at this point we were in 50/50 guard.  I had been working a foot lock from there so being down on points and running out of time I attempted it and kept trying for it. I failed at the foot lock and ended up gassing out, meanwhile my opponent kept doing his thing and racked up his points. Match ended with me losing by a lot of points. I felt like I did not preform how I should of. I didn’t feel how I normally do at the gym which is calm and aggressive. I was more hesitant and nervous and that killed me! I know what to work on and I know that only competition will help me gain that ground and confidence I need to get rid of the jitters and nerves. Every tournament is a lesson learned and thats what I’ll take from NY Spring Open now back to the gym to train and work on the mistakes I made.

11149431_807442192625475_1790161600857933626_nvin vs gerrard

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2015 IBJJF Pan Ams

This past Thursday March 12th 2015 I traveled to Irvine, California to compete at the IBJJF Pan Ams. I had a good camp for this tournament, training jiu jitsu twice a day and strength and conditioning once a day. Due to that and eating plenty of clean food to fuel my work outs I gained 10lbs,  which caused me to go up a division and compete at medium heavy weight. I did not get fat! I gained muscle weight which I was shocked by because I personally didn’t notice it. I went to the tournament feeling strong mentally and physically. I knew I had done everything I could to prepare and I felt like my mind was sharp, very focused and in there moment. Also I know how great shape I am in because of how hard I’ve been pushing to get ready for this.

My first match was at about 5:30 pm which is odd to me but nonetheless I was stocked to be there and compete. I stepped in the bull pin and my nerves started to boil. This feeling you get before your first match is so real it makes you feel so alive. I think im addicted to it to be honest. As I warm up and stretch out I listen to meditation music to calm my nerves, and I visualize myself preforming my moves and things going well. I only focus on visualizing what I can control and that is me and my movements. I tell myself about a million times that I can do this and that I’ve trained harder than my opponent for sure. As I step into the mats and bump hands with my opponent life seems to stop. Everything slows down and I am in this place where I can simply only see my opponent and the ref and all the noise from the gymnasium seems to sound like a blur and fade away. My first match is usually the sloppiest due to the adrenaline dump. I started off by getting swept by my opponent due to trying to drop for a foot lock, but with that foot lock I gained an advantage point and managed to get a sweep back. Now I was up by an advantage and knew I had to work. I missed a few chances to pass the guard and take the back but gained another advantage doing so. But then I got taken down which caused me to be down by two points again. I immediately swept him back and tied up the score on points but was up on advantages. By this time I can see my opponents face he’s gassed and looks mentally beaten , he wants to give up. And this fuels me to push harder, I love seeing an opponents looking like he wants to quit. I then almost passed and was able to capitalize and take the back which had me up 8 to 4 and plus my advantages. I tried a choke from back and missed ended up with him in my closed guard. I tried a few attacks and missed and ended up in some odd position called reverse mount which I swept him in the final seconds. It felt so great to have my hand raised again ! And especially at the biggest tournament in the World!

My second match was about half hr later. My opponent had the by so he went in fresh, but I had plenty of time to recover so I was ready. I started the match by pulling guard. The match was at a slow pace, which my opponent trying to pass with a forced over and under pass and me playing knee shield guard with lapel and sleeve grips.  The match was pretty much the same for the whole 7 minutes. My opponent would try the same pass and I’d recover, I couldn’t get my self in the right position to get to my full guard or even my dela riva guard so I could attempt to sweep.When I finally did my opponent was good at negating it and trying his bread and butter pass which I didn’t have much trouble defending. By the end he was up by 2 advantages for almost passing and had a stall penalty for not doing much. He then passed for a split second hugged my head but I immediately scrambled out and got up and pulled guard again. The ref gave him the 3 points. Match ended in the same exact situation, I could not sweep or score points so I lost. I tried my best but could not get the job done. I still think I put up a good match but fell short on points. My opponent was better than me that day and he actually took third place in the tournament. I know what I have to work on in the next few weeks to prepare for the next competition so that’s what I will do! Thanks to my new sponsor Qobra Qlutch Qlothing and my Gi sponsor Armor Kimonos for making this trip happen for me Ossssss!!! This is just the beginning of a long Journey for me!


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Vinicius Canabarro Jiu Jitsu Journey

Inside the Jiu Jitsu Life of Vinicius Canabarro

Video by:
Josh Hoffer aka Vanilla Gorilla Productions

Armor Kimonos
Qobra Clutch Qlothing

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