The Cobrinha Experience


On Monday November 17th I flew to Los Angeles, California  to spend a month training with 8 time world champion Rubens Charles “Cobrinha”.  Luckily with the help of many training partners, friends, family and sponsors this trip was able to come true. Thanks to everyone who supported and purchased the Vin Jitsu tee shirt!

My first night of training was on the following Tuesday night. My first impression of the school was that  it’s very neat and organized. Students have to check in with scan cards as they come in and also have to grab an attendance card. In my case just the attendance card which you hand  to the teacher on the mat as he greets you before every class. First class I attended was a gi class, a drilling class which was ran by one of Cobrinha’s black belts Fabio aka “Monstrinho”. Afterwards I also participated in the next class which was a no gi class ran by Cobrinha himself. My first experience there was good. People were friendly and the classes had good structure. For example in the no gi class Cobrinha showed a chain of techniques that ended  up with a submission.  We’d then get 10 minutes each to drill the position over and over, if needed Cobrinha was there to assist which was very helpful. Then for the remainder of class we did 7 minute rounds switching partners with every round. Classes are very formal at Cobrinha Bjj  and very martial arts based. In the beginning  we’d line up by rank for a bow and also in the end of each class. People also bow to get on and off the mats. The quality of the Jiu jitsu there is very high. Every one I rolled with was good and very high level, plus tons of these guys compete and many of them are world champions.

A Regular week for me there consisted of a basic two a day schedule with the exception to Mondays which I’d do three classes. My normal day would be : I’d wake up,  eat breakfast and head out an hour earlier than class started to catch the bus to Cobrinhas. Even though the gym was only 7.8 miles up the blvd which I was staying at it would take nearly an hour to get there by bus due to LA’s horrible traffic. The First class of the day was in my opinion the best class, it was the competition class. In the first week of competition class we worked on a deep half brabo choke sequence. We would partner up and get ten minutes each to drill the position. Afterwards we would do rounds of 10 minutes till class ended.

Classes were two to two and half hrs long.  My first class I was literally dying. I had not been preparing to train ten minute rounds back to back for about an hour and half with nothing but subtle water breaks. And on top of that the guys there were the tougher guys at the school, they were all really good and rolled really hard. I had some intense rolls there. After class I’d head back to my friend Casey’s pad and wash my gear, eat some food and relax for a couple of hours. Then same old routine I’d head back there by bus and do the night class. On Mondays I’d train in the 7-8pm class and then the advanced class which was 8-930pm. The seven o’clock class was more relaxed less higher belts and more of a fun drilling class. The 8 o’clock was a more serious class. We’d do the ten minutes each of drilling of the position we were working and then roll for the remainder of class. Depending on the night we would do 7 min or 10 min rounds. The rest of my week was pretty much the same, I’d train the competition class at noon and then at night the advanced class. With the exception that Tuesdays and Thursdays were no gi at night.

By the second week my body had acclimated to the training. I was still sore as hell but I wasn’t getting tired at training anymore and that felt really good.The training remained the same. Triple on Mondays, Doubles the rest of the week till Friday and one session Saturday. Sundays was my rest day. Day by day my confidence grew and I felt better and better against the guys at the gym. One thing that Cobrinha teaches that I never encountered before is mental training  at competition class, and to me that was one of the most helpful techniques I learned.  In these three and a half weeks that I trained there I was lucky enough to train with awesome high level guys such as guys like Fabio passos, Renato Babaloo, Sinistro, Bruno Marchi, Ram, Isaaq and of course Cobrinha and many more. This trip truly opened my eyes to what is out there in the LA Jiu Jitsu world. I met some great people, made some new connections for future trips to train,  learned so many drills, techniques, and best of all learning the mental tips and techniques  Cobrinha taught.  My plan now is to incorporate these new techniques to my original regime at home and take my training to the next level!



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Caxcudo World Cup 2014


This past Sunday November 9th I competed at the 2014 Caxcudo World Cup, a local tournament in Milford, Massachusetts. Felt really good physically and mentally, my weight was on point and I was super focused. I went into my first match very confident, after being up on points the entire match I caught my opponent in a bow and arrow choke towards the end of the match. My second match was the finals and I also went in very confident to get gold. In the beginning of the match I scrambled with my opponent ending up on top but got caught off guard in an inverted triangle and had to tap. Ended up taking second place in my weight division today and all because I made a technical mistake in the finals which cost me the match. In my head I was shocked I got caught but not in a million years would I make the same exact mistake and get caught in that exact submission.

I Went to the absolute confident in myself and did no let that loss bother me I knew it was a simple mistake I had made and that the absolute was my chance of redemption. I Fought hard in all my matches and won them all by submission! My first match in the absolute I finished my opponent via arm bar towards the end of the match. Second match I won via cross choke also towards the end of the match. My finals of the absolute I won in two and half minutes defeating my opponent by bow and arrow choke and taking home the Caxcudo belt.

I had a total of 5 matches, won 4 lost one.  It was a great experience, now back to training hard and getting ready to go off to California for a month of training at Cobrinhas and then Bjj Pro Long Beach December 14th to finish off the season. Thank you to my sponsors AK, Qobra Qlutch, and Coventry BJJ.

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Vin Jitsu Tee Shirt Pre Sale


shirtHey what’s up guys! As most of people who know me know that I love Jiu jitsu and most of all competing. In order to further my knowledge and to compete at the IBJJF BJJ Pro Long Beach I’ve planed a trip to California. I will be training at Cobrinhas for about a month, and competing at the Bjj Pro as well on Dec 14th. As everybody knows Jiu Jitsu is very expensive and has no pay outs which sucks. So I came up with an idea to get help to fund my trip. I will be doing a PRE SALE ONLY on this limited edition Tee shirt! The shirt was made from my sponsors who I want to thank so much!!!

The T-shirt will cost $25 each and all the profits will be to help me pay for food, stay, flight, training and transportation in Cali. I Hope you all understand my cause and help me get one step closer to my dream! If you would like a Tee shirt to help support PLEASE INBOX ME YOUR SIZE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, The pre sale will last ONE WEEK. Once shirts are made they will be delivered in person or for anybody out of town we will be happy to ship it.

Once again thanks to Baddass IncorporatedAKQobra Qlutch Qlothing, Coventry BJJ For sponsoring me and for the Help. I truly appreciate it!




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New York BJJ PRO

This past weekend on Saturday October 25th, I traveled to New York city to compete at the IBJJF BJJ Pro.  At the beginning of the week I was about 5 lbs over weight, so for the whole week I suffered from strict dieting. Any one that’s ever had to diet to manage weight knows how much this sucks, having to eat portions and plain foods isn’t pleasurable.

Drove down to NY on Friday night and was basically on weight by then, I was over half pound. Day of tournament I woke up 2 lbs under and that was perfect. I now understand my body to the point where I can lose 5-6 pounds by eating clean in a single week. I felt good going into my first match physically and mentally. In the beginning of the match I made a technical mistake, which cost me the match. I ended up losing my first match via choke. I was shocked and most of all mad, but I got over it. As the day went by I enjoyed some awesome black belt matches and met some cool people.

At the end of all this I understand losing is part of the game, and I don’t plan on stopping competing anytime soon so if sometimes I lose I have to brush it off and push through. I learned a lot this weekend and already got back into my regular training regime to get ready for competition next month.  The grind never stops!!! Osss

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NAGA Northeast


Saturday October 18th I competed at Naga Northeast in Providence, RI. I won my division and took the gold! In this case a huge NAGA belt rather than a medal. I usually compete at purple belt/ middle weight, but i decided to sign up for brown belt middle weight. Once time came for my bracket I found out there were no brown belts in the division but just another purple belt that signed up to compete at brown belt as well. I wasn’t thrilled but to me that meant he had to be good and wanting better competition like myself. We both fought hard but i was on the lead the whole match and I ended up wining the match via points.

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Nogi Pan Ams 2014

For the first time I competed at the nogi Pam Ams that took place in New York City, unfortunately I didn’t get the result I was looking for but I had a great experience competing nogi but I’m ready to get the gi back on.

Here is a highlight video from my sponsor AK.

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Dallas IBJJF Open


This week I flew out to Dallas TX by myself to compete at the Dallas IBJJF Open, big thanks to my friend Mike Sotelo and his wife for having me at his house, you guys are awesome.

I was mentally prepared to get the gold, I fought well but ended up losing at the semis. Took 3rd place and a hard lesson to bring back home. Can’t wait to get back on the grind.

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Boston Summer Open


Had a great time competing at the Boston Summer Open this weekend along with some of my teammates. I won my first match by points, submitted my opponent on the semis and ended up losing the final to a game opponent. No excuses, I will work harder to get that gold next time. Thank you for everyone who supported me and helped me get ready for this.


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